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21 August 2009 @ 09:42 pm
You Wouldn't Shave Your Head Without Asking Your Friends First if it Looks Good on You  
You Wouldn't Shave Your Head Without Asking Your Friends First if it Looks Good on You
NC17; SHINee—jongkey; smut; nudge

note for dailysky. key sounds so seme in here ;____;

You Wouldn't Shave Your Head Without Asking Your Friends First if it Looks Good on You

It starts when they're watching TV on the couch. Jonghyun hooks two fingers along the waistband of Kibum's jeans. He's got a look in his eye. A look that says... well something about oral sex. And Kibum has never been good at reading eyes — not with a kissable face just an inch in front of him and sly fingers padding faintly along the pale, now goose-pimpled skin of his stomach.

He's about to say something along the lines of 'god Jonghyun, give it a rest. We already did this yesterday at some fucking ungodly hour when you—' but unfortunately, his words stick unrelentingly in his throat like a dry, fat pill when Jonghyun kisses his ear, then his jaw, and then his lips with a curious ferocity that he isn't exactly used to.

Maybe it was her knockers, he reasons vaguely — damn that interview lady had big tits — as Jonghyun licks under the curvature of his lips, eventually pulling the bottom into his mouth, between teeth. He chews lightly on a gummy lip, sucking out muted pink and replacing it with a sharp, cherry red.

The gnawing, however, despite what Jonghyun might think, does nothing to distract Kibum from the fact that his jeans are slowly coming undone, the back of Jonghyun's fingers grazing his cock tenuously between the freshly opened fly.

The funny thing about Jonghyun is that he doesn't get turned on nearly as quickly as Kibum does, which is, needless to say, incredibly frustrating. They're not even tongue wrestling yet, and Kibum's already hard — and as much as he would like to play it cool and look like he has everything under control, he wants nothing more right now than to shove Jonghyun's head between his legs and fuck his face.

But of course. Of course.

He's going to play it cool by resting his hand on Jonghyun's ass and squeezing — not so firm as to seem too eager, but firmly enough to make Jonghyun grin against his lips.

Kibum 'mmph's his impatience, his hands getting grabbier by the second — tongue worming around Jonghyun's mouth enough to significantly obstruct breathing, and Jonghyun almost laughs.

"Chill out," he says, muffled, lips enveloped by Kibum's.

It is when Jonghyun pushes his hand into Kibum's pants that he decides that his hyung must be a miracle wor-, no — a fucking black magic god his hands feel so good—

Has he always been able to do that? That flick of the wrist that's oh fuck,

and he digs his nails into Jonghyun's back, because it doesn't matter much now. He always turns to jelly first anyways.

Before long, Kibum finds himself kneeling on the cushions, hurriedly pulling his pants down (stupid tight jeans) and pulling Jonghyun's face to his cock with little regard for his consent. And if for any reason, it's that he doesn't want to cream his pants at the rate Jonghyun is jacking him off. Because, he decides, good things come not to those who wait, but to those who grab it literally by the neck.

There's a rustle of movement until Kibum's propped up against the head rest, and Jonghyun's pushing one leg up against his shoulder and rubbing circles against the back of his legs. Kibum almost wants to scream at him to stop his fucking teasing and get on with it already, but he waits.

Jonghyun's husky, lust-tinted breath against his thighs makes him shudder.

There are lips against the head of his cock, suckling and licking and kissing. He looks down in time to see Jonghyun's tongue dart out along his shaft, and he swears under his breath — he's lucky he's so fucking good.

Habitually and of their own will, Kibum's fingers make to thread through Jonghyun's hair, coming to a rest at the sides of his head, where he's fond of roughly grabbing and tugging fistfuls of hair until Jonghyun starts humming deep, throaty and hot around him.

...except, there isn't any hair. There's a stubble where he used to have hair, and his hands just sort of sit there awkwardly along the sides of Jonghyun's head as he takes more and more of Kibum into his mouth. He wants to say something about the haircut, about how he could've missed it (and made quite a fuss about it, because he was not going to have his best friend have a mohawk for crying out loud), but Jonghyun's doing that thing again. Where he bobs at an almost sleepy pace — a legato of up and pause and down, while his tongue flicks around the crown of his dick in an insanely consistent staccato.

He can't breathe. And the stubble feels, he comes to realise, fucking amazing under his palms. It's not rough like a scruffy chin. Jonghyun's hair is fine enough to keep his shaven head feeling like velvet, or fabric. It feels so good, in fact, that Kibum begins to imagine the ways in which he can enjoy the feeling of shaved Jonghyun head in places other than under his hands.

"Jonghyun. Hyung. Wait," he says, and eases out of Jonghyun's mouth. The boy looks puzzled, because Kibum is usually lost by now, a mess of heat and airy moans and oh god please, faster on the couch. It must be important for him to want Jonghyun to stop.

"Can I, um — cuminurhair?"


Kibum doesn't really want to say it again, because he'd probably have to explain, and he isn't exactly sure why he wants to come on Jonghyun's head in the first place. If it didn't turn him on so much, he would have laughed.

"I wanna come in your hair," he says again, thumbing through the short prickles of hair as understanding dawns on Jonghyun's face. He grins slyly, kissing a trail up Kibum's dick, coming to rest at the tip.

"Alright then, I won't laugh," Jonghyun says, and rests his head sideways against Kibum's inner thigh. "Only this once though, okay?"

Kibum doesn't bother nodding and grabs a hold of his own cock, guiding it so that it brushes against Jonghyun's hair and gasps. The sensation forces his eyes shut and his hand up and down. He strokes himself and lets the tip rub against Jonghyun's hair, groaning and squirming because it's almost too much.

Then Jonghyun decides to run his tongue along the skin of Kibum's balls.

As much as Kibum wants to hold out, to give himself a little more time to enjoy the feeling of his hard cock against Jonghyun's stubble, he definitely doesn't have as much stamina as he'd like. It's Jonghyun's fault for getting that haircut without telling him, he figures.

He comes messily all over Jonghyun's head, one hand cupping the back of Jonghyun's neck, the other pumping out his orgasm.

"God this is so gross," Jonghyun grumbles in the bathroom, just audible through the door. "Kibum you sick fuck."

Kibum smiles to himself, pulling on a pair of pants. It's a well taught lesson.

evilchildshe_devil666 on August 21st, 2009 08:38 pm (UTC)
SUCH A STRANGE KINK!!! I really loved this besides that and the fact that jjong seems to like sucking cock just because XD